The platform for research on Brussels

The platform for research on Brussels

The platform for research on Brussels

The platform for research on Brussels

The platform for research on Brussels

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The BSI develops various tools in order to In order to disseminate academic expertise on Brussels to the extra-academic sphere and to nurture a dialectical relation between both spheres (user engagement).

Find out more about the opinion and insights of experts regarding current political and societal debates in Brussels. Videoclips on topics such as mobility, employment, education, housing, youngster, etc. are featured here : click here to see BSI clips.

For more informations about Brussels, see also our BSI section "Dissemination".


BSI Reference Works

Currently, reference books on various key topics are lacking in the case of Brussels. Hence, the BSI will launch a publication series in order to overcome this shortcoming.



First publication: Christian VANDERMOOTEN, Bruxelles, une lecture de la ville. De l’Europe des marchands à la capitale de l’Europe, Ed. de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2014 (coll. UBLire).




First publication:
Le dictionnaire d'histoire de Bruxelles, Bruxelles, Prosopon editions, 2013.

Over 80 authors, 4200 entries and 900 pages on various topics related to Brussels. More info here.



Le droit bruxellois. Un bilan après 25 ans d'application (1989-2014), Bruxelles, éditions Bruylant, 2015.

Dir.: Pierre-Olivier de Broux, Bruno Lombaert, Dimitri Yernault. More info here.





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